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Finances are our Specialty, Freedom is Our Sentiment

 Our great country has seen a lot of adversity in the past few years.  But the foundation was built to weather the ups and downs of today and years to come.  Your financial plan should do the same for you.  We will help you plan and act now to protect your family and financial freedom for years to come.



As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional since 1999, Bob Bennie, CFP® is committed to act as a fiduciary and make recommendations in your best interests.

Retirement Planning

Will you outlive your money? We specialize in helping people build and preserve assets for meeting the challenges of retirement. We will build a customized plan for you to meet your retirement goals.

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Investment Management

Working with an independent financial advisor you have the freedom to choose from a broad array of financial services and investment options allowing us to create a tailor made solution for your unique needs.

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Estate Planning

Believe it or not you have an estate plan. Whether you are in control of your estate is up to you. We help people ensure their wishes are carried out in controlling their assets. Leaving what they want to whom they want, when they want it.

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Our Goal:

To help people achieve the peace of mind and freedom that comes with properly stewarding their wealth.

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