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How To: Retrieve Electronic Documents

This video is a walk-through of how to access eDelivery documents in your client portal.  The steps are outlined below:

Step 1

Visit Your eMoney Client Portal

Visit Your eMoney Client Portal

Once you've logged in, go into your secure Vault.

Pro Tip: Bookmark your client portal page for easy access.  You can also always access your page from the "Account Access" tab at

Step 2

Inside the Vault

Once inside the Vault, you will go to "Brokerage Account Documents"

Step 3

Client Centered

You will see a list of the types of documents that are available for your access.  Most often, you will be opening the "Statements" file.

Once you open this file, you will see a folder for each Kestra account in your household.


Step 4

Client Centered

Once you have selected an account to view documents for, you will see a list of time frames to select from.

Pro tip: Selecting "Last 30 Days" will be the easiest way to access your most recent account statement.