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We host monthly educational webinars on various topics, including financial tips and strategies, market current events, and frequently asked questions.  We'd love to have you join us live!

You can visit this page to sign up for any upcoming webinars and view replays of past webinars!

Upcoming Webinars:

January 2021: "What's All That Racket?!" How to See Through the Headlines

In this webinar we will be discussing:

- How the news effects the markets

- The biggest financial threat to all Americans in the upcoming year

- Bob's 2022 Economic Forecast

Replays of Past Webinars:

All About Interest Rates

Bob and Jessie discuss the relationship between inflation and interest rates, and talk about how to be wise about your investments in a high inflation, rising interest rate environment.

End of the Year Tax Planning and Strategies

Special guest, James Hershberger, CPA, Joins Bob for a discussion on end of year tax planning and strategies including: 

  • Methods for reducing capital gains taxes
  • James’ “Tax Bracket Maximization” Strategy
  • Potential ways to increase tax deductions

Medicare Basics

In preparation for Medicare's Annual Enrollment period (October 15 through December 7), Jessie talks about:

  • What changes you CAN and CANNOT make each year during Open Enrollment
  • The basic parts of Medicare (A & B) and what they cover and cost
  • Options for insuring your Medicare costs (Medicare Supplement + Part D vs. Medicare Advantage)

Retirement Income: Planning for Success

In this webinar, we discuss the essential parts of building a retirement plan that can weather the test of time: 

  • Investment Returns
  • Social Security Optimization
  • Inflation Strategies
  • Your Mortgage
  • Longevity Considerations
  • Estate Planning

How to Efficiently Transfer Wealth: Estate Planning 101

In this webinar, we discussed how to transfer wealth to your heirs while:

  • Saving lawyer fees ($$$)
  • Saving time ($$$)
  • Saving taxes ($$$)

And most importantly, making things easy on your loved ones.

Inflation Causes, Consequences, and Strategies

Inflation has been a hot topic in the news lately - and for good reason! In this webinar we will discuss what inflation means for you and how you can protect yourself in a high-inflation economy.

Replay: Retirement Income Planning: How to Maximize Social Security Benefits

In this Webinar, we explore two of the main foundations of retirement: Social Security and Medicare. We discuss when to start taking Social Security, strategies for couples, and how to supplement Social Security to meet your income needs. Additionally, we talk briefly about Medicare benefits, costs, and coverage options.

Replay: Market Update and Online Access Tour 5/13/2021

In our first ever live webinar, Bob discusses his analysis of the financial markets and current economy and also introduces the Personal Financial Website, where you can view your accounts online!