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We host monthly educational webinars on various topics, including financial tips and strategies, market current events, and frequently asked questions.  We'd love to have you join us live!

You can visit this page to sign up for any upcoming webinars and view replays of our most recent webinars.  To view our entire library of past webinars, you can visit our YouTube page here.

Upcoming Webinars:

How To Plan a Successful Retirement: 5 Things to Do Before Retiring

Over the years we've helped hundreds (if not thousands) of people plan and execute rewarding, generous, and successful retirements.  Here are 5 things you'll want to have in place for a fulfilling retirement - and they're more than just financial.

Thursday, June 15 @ Noon

Replays of Past Webinars:

May Market Check-Up: Where Do We Stand and What Should You Do?

Join us for our analysis of the current economy and market and tips you can use to set yourself up for success through the rest of the year.

Understanding Taxes and Investment Accounts

If you're an investor, it's essential that you understand how your investments are taxed.  This webinar will help clarify the differences and tax advantages of a 401k, IRA, Roth or Taxable account, so you can understand which one(s) might be best for your situation.

5 Ways to Protect the Ones You Love

In this webinar we discuss the importance of creating a comprehensive financial plan that takes into account your family's unique needs and goals. We want you to have confidence that your family will be in good shape financially, during your lifetime and after! 

State Of The Markets: 2023

Let's be honest, 2022 was a rough year to be an investor. We dealt with a midterm election year (consistently nasty for the market), the worst inflation we’ve seen in 40 years, 7 interest rate hikes, and concerns over the Russia/Ukraine war. With the new year rolling in, many are asking, “What’s next?” “How long will this last?” And “What should we do?”

Rest assured, this isn't Bob's first rodeo. We have been through corrections before and have strategies on how to weather times like this. Watch for our thoughts and tips on how you can prepare yourself for 2023!

3 Rules of Building Wealth

Over our 27+ years in this business we've had the privilege of working with many extraordinary individuals who successfully built a sizable amount of wealth and financial legacy. We've found 3 common elements that consistently appear in all their stories. These are principles they applied to their finances that seem simple, but aren't easy!

5 Major Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Not having a proper estate plan can lead to major consequences for your loved ones including unnecessary expenses, time, and stress. In this webinar, we address the 5 most common estate planning mistakes and how to avoid them!

Strategies for Savvy Investors: Fickle Markets

In this webinar, we sort through the reasons behind the volatility in the stock market and the data about how the stock market has performed historically during interest rate hike cycles, high inflation, war, and recession. We also discuss how savvy investors can navigate today's fickle stock market including:

  • What wise investors absolutely should NOT do
  • Strategies to be pro-active instead of reactive during market downturns
  • Actions nervous investors can take to potentially reduce downside risk

Links to studies about Market Timing:

How to Optimize Your 401k

In this webinar, Bob and Jessie discuss how to get the most out of your employer retirement plan including:

  • How to choose investments within your 401k
  • How much you should be contributing to build a healthy retirement
  • Options to consider when its time to retire

How to Handle Market Volatility

In this webinar, Bob and Jessie discuss the current state of the stock market including:

  • Potential effects of the Fed's interest rate decision
  • The Russia/Ukraine conflict's impact on U.S. markets
  • How to take advantage of market volatility
  • Advice for handling uncertainty

All About Interest Rates

Bob and Jessie discuss the relationship between inflation and interest rates, and talk about how to be wise about your investments in a high inflation, rising interest rate environment.

Inflation Causes, Consequences, and Strategies

Inflation has been a hot topic in the news lately - and for good reason! In this webinar we will discuss what inflation means for you and how you can protect yourself in a high-inflation economy.

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